OpenSim IARs

Yacht Table

Yacht is a game for 1 to 4 players similar to Yahtzee.

Showing the Yacht Table

How to play:

First of all the players must sit on the coloured chairs. Once the players are seated and their name shows above their matching button on the table, press the start game button.

Blue starts (assuming there is a player in the blue seat) and play goes anti-clockwise. The coloured button will glow if it is your turn.

When it is your turn, press the roll button to roll the dice. You have three rolls each turn, and can hold dice from the next roll by clicking on them so that they change colour.

Once your three rolls are used up it will tally your score and it will be the next players turn. After 20 rounds, the person with the highest score wins.

Your Score can be either:

  • 5 of a kind – 60 points
  • Long straight – 50 points
  • Short Straight – 40 points
  • Full House – 40 points
  • 4 of a kind – 35 points
  • 3 of a kind – 30 points
  • chance – total of dies.

The table will pick the score for the highest points.

The game will timeout after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Download Here

New Simple Breedable Flowers

These are the same flowers as the following IAR, with the exception of added hovertext showing the age of the flower and the option to turn seed production on and off. There’s no instruction manual in this IAR, they work basically the same as described below.

Download Here

Simple Breedable Flowers

My Simple Breedable Flowers

Picture showing the poppys and basic flowers.

These breedable flowers are very simple, they were made to be very low resource usage (just one script), and therefore do not have many of the features you might expect from a Second Life breedable.

There is no hovertext info, you can not name your flower, you don’t water it, but it in bags, or whatever. They’re not designed to be sold, they’re designed to have fun seeing what colours you can breed.

How they work.

Inside the box is three kinds of flowers. They’re copyable. Rez them as many times as you like.

The flower will initially rez as white. Click it to activate it. Once activated, the flower will pick a random primary colour and begin to grow.

It will take 5 days for a flower to mature. Once the flower has matured it will produce a seed a day for the rest of its life.

Seeds are physical prims, they are egg shaped, so be warned they may roll away (shouldn’t roll too far). This isn’t an issue if you have physical prims turned off.

Seeds can be placed somewhere then clicked, they will produce a flower (which will be automatically activated), then vanish.

Seeds and Flowers are copyable, so take it into your inventory first if you want to make copies. Seeds and flowers can be renamed in your inventory to make sorting easier.

If you want a flower to stop producing seeds, take a copy in case you change your mind, then delete the contents of the flower.

Mixing Colours

Flowers can cross pollinate – it’s not guaranteed every seed but the colours can mix with the flowers within 10m. So, if you want a purple flower, place a blue and red flower close together and cross your fingers.

Download Here


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